Book – Rambling About London

Our first book – Rambling About London – was published on 1st June 2014 to coincide with Mike’s first solo exhibition at the Barbican Library

Front Page of Book
Front Cover of Book

The book was inspired by the discoveries and adventures we had when we took our young grandchildren out and about in London.

Combining Mike’s colourful and quirky sketches of the city with Kate’s observations, we have produced a paperback that will help you discover a different view of this remarkable city.

Each section starts with a map highlightingthe places highlighted in the book alongside travel information.

Theatreland MapWithin the book you will find information about Lambeth, Westminster, Clerkenwell, The Barbican, Wren Churches, The City, Theatreland and the River towards Greenwich.  There are ideas for walks, useful websites and further reading.

Example pages

You can now purchase the book on line via ebay
Price: £9.95

Back Cover
Back Cover of Book

Our grateful thanks to a number of people who have helped us bring this book to fruition –

Design Team: Dave Blake and Niklas Iliffe of Hilite Design & Reprographics Ltd Marchwood

Editorial Assistance: James Cole

Special Assistance: Judy Lilley (Protem Publications Solutions) and Duncan Jeffries

And Sarah Greaves  New Hall Art Collection