Month: March 2013

Welcome to Greaves2Connections

Connecting Pictures and Words to Create Something Special

This website showcases the individual and combined talents of Mike Greaves, artist, and Kate Greaves, writer.

Mike & Kate Greaves

In 2018, Kate published a collection of short stories.  The book is enhanced with some of Mike’s vibrant pictures of London.  It is available as a paperback (with black and white illustrations) or as a download for Kindle, available through Amazon.

The exhibition entitled An Artist’s Journey took place in May 2018 at the Barbican Library, London.   It was a truly successful event.  Thank you to all those who supported us at the Private View and during the exhibition.  The exhibition showcased Mike’s new work of London.  As one visitor to the 2014 exhibition remarked – ‘Wonderful drawings of our wonderful city.’


Mike is delighted to announce that in October 2017, he was elected as a Member of the prestigious Society of Graphic Fine Art .

Together we published our first book, Rambling About London which captures many of Mike’s lovely pictures of London and gives you some ideas for strolling around the city.  This book is available to buy via eBay.

Currently, Mike is working as Artist in Residence for the Maritime Archaeology Trust.

And Kate has graduated from the University of Southampton with an MA in Creative Writing.

We hope you will travel with us on our journey and be interested in the things we create.

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