Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry.  Typically it has 3 ‘lines’ of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.  The challenge is to write something that captures an intense feeling or image.

I was sitting on the bus the other day heading to college for a lecture and there was a young girl having one of those one-sided conversations. And then I realised that she was a new student…….

Loudly, she tells of   food she has bought for her meal,   And then she crumples

After our lovely summer, it has been raining in earnest so

We needed the rain,  But around the house the washing  Flops like limp damp flags

And then we had a walk down at Mudeford on a busy Sunday.  It is a very popular place for ‘crabbing’; the most successful ‘crabbers’ use smoked bacon as bait tied in little net bags.

Walk by the sea and    Pass lobster pots and sheds and   Crabs caught in bucketsScan0001