New Zealand

Mike works in acrylics on board as well as pen and ink and watercolour wash.

The following two pictures are examples of his acrylic work and show views of the Bay of Islands as seen from the area around KeriKeri on North Island, New Zealand.

The Bay of Islands 1

‘Together we spent 4 weeks in New Zealand in 2009 and KeriKeri was our first stop after we had ‘found our feet’ in Auckland.  We stayed in a little cottage on the outskirts of the town and this first picture was the view from the garden.’

2013-04-13 15.47.35
The Bay of Islands 2

‘The beaches and coves around KeriKeri were isolated and tranquil.  We reached this one by driving down the track that passed our cottage.  No-one else joined us during our time on the beach, although clearly people used it regularly.’

Mike and Kate discovered the work of the Scottish Colourists when they visited Edinburgh back in the late 1990’s and they both love the range and differing styles of paintings which were undertaken by the members of the group.  F.C.B. Cadell completed a number of oil paintings depicting different views of Iona and these have influenced Mike’s approach to his New Zealand acrylics.