Flash Fiction

FLASH FICTION is a form of short story writing, but whereas short stories can run to 5,000 words, flash fiction pieces tend not to exceed 500 words.   I will use this space to share some of my ‘short, short stories’.  I hope you enjoy them and Mike’s illustrations.

Under the Sun


‘Charming!’ the woman said.  ‘Pushy cow!’  People had started to stare.

Martha didn’t mind; she needed the shade and had barged her way covertously towards the only remaining parasol.  At least now she was out of the remorseless sun.

It had been a dreadful walk.  The long beach had been unending, with no shade.  She was thirsty and emotionally exhausted; she looked a wreck. 

Archie was a loathsome man; Martha knew that now.  She would never forgive this final indignity. 

So she had played the game of the romantic break to mend their differences.  She had been gracious and conciliatory.  Today she had engineered a particularly alcoholic lunch, encouraging Archie back to their room to rest. 

It was there that she had pulled the gun on him and watched as the panic overtook him.  He had clutched his chest, screaming for her to give him the life saving tablets.  

Martha had looked at him, picked up her bag and the pills, and had left, locking the door behind her.

Much later when she had begun to feel rested and refreshed, she started the slow walk back.  As she walked, she rehearsed raising the alarm, accepting the condolences of others.

She unlocked the door of their room.  Archie was sitting in a chair by the window and he was looking at her.